At SYSQUARE, a vibrant, self motivated and young team of hard-core professionals with excellent academic backgrounds and international exposure offers a unique blend of offshore software outsourcing experience and a strong technological maturity. Our team is a total mix of experienced software developers, engineers, with expertise in different domains of technology, software development, business management, sales and marketing, education and research. Every one of them contributes to the company with their in-depth knowledge, skill and experience in their individual fields. We nurture talent at SYSQUARE, and individuals are encouraged to be creative and take pride in their achievements and initiatives. We believe that every individual in the team is a valuable asset to the company, and acknowledge their unique skills and talents. It enables the team to innovate within the existing constraints to come up with winning solutions. Our effervescent team spirit and management expertise combine successfully with resourcefulness and inventiveness, commitment and enthusiasm to work, and a development culture to generate solid and effective software results.

Variety, Learning, Teamwork, Growth. Joining SYSQUARE to acquaint yourself with continuous opportunities to expand your horizons. Our employees come together with a variety of skills and backgrounds to create talented teams of problem-solvers.

We are looking for talented, self-motivated individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel! We have opportunities in system analyst, development, design, production, sales and marketing.

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